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Checking Spam Quarantine

When a NexCite email account is created, it automatically comes with a spam filter at its lowest setting.  Emails that are considered spam will be kept in your spam quarantine and will not be downloaded by your email client or display in webmail, so it's important to check your quarantine regularly in case any legitimate emails are caught.  Messages in the quarantine are only kept for 14 days and then automatically deleted from the server.

To check your spam quarantine, log in to with your NexCite email address and password associated with that account. 


 Select 'Spam' from the menu on the left. This will bring you to your Quarantine:



Release Legitimate Emails

If you find any legitimate emails in your Quarantine, check the box to the left of that email (under the sel column) and then select either the 'Allow' or 'Release' button:



Release: Will release the email so it can be downloaded by your email client and show in Webmail

Allow: Will release it and also add the sender's email address to your 'Allowed Senders' list so that additional emails from that sender won't continue to be quarantined.