NexCite Email

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Email Restrictions

How many Emails can I store on the server?

The server allows 200 MB of storage.

How many Emails can I send out?

There are some restrictions to sending multiple emails to multiple recipients when using NexCite as your email provider/host.

Our mail server is setup with the following settings:

  • Max recipients per message (i.e. same subject) – 250 
  • Max messages a user can send per 30 minutes - 250
  • Max msgs from a single email address/hour – 500
  • The maximum number of remote recipients before slowing down – 200

If you send out too many messages at once, your mail server can be considered a spammer and then that blocks us from sending to everyone.  Not just one account, but our entire server.  Additionally, this helps protect our server from sending out too many messages from a client that might be infected with a virus.

How big can Email attachments be?

  • Attachment size per email is - 20MB (NOTE: you may have multiple attachments, they must total 20MB or less)