NexCite Email

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Email Restrictions

How many emails can I store on the server?

Our server allows 200 MB of storage.


How many emails can I send out?

There are some restrictions to sending multiple emails to multiple recipients when using NexCite as your email provider/host.

Our mail server is set up with the following settings:

  • Max recipients per message (i.e. same subject): 250 recipients 
  • Max messages a user can send per 30 minutes: 250 messages
  • Max msgs from a single email address/hour: 500 messages
  • The maximum number of remote recipients before slowing down: 200 recipients 

There is a limit on the number of messages you can send because if you send too many messages at once, your mail server can be flagged as a spammer, which could block our entire server from sending emails. Additionally, this acts as a safety protocol to protect our server from sending messages from a client whose account could be unknowingly infected with a virus.


Is there a size limit for email attachments?

  • The limit for attachment size per email is 20MB (note: you may have multiple attachments, but they must total 20MB or less)