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Protecting Your Account From Spam

What can I do to prevent spammers from finding out my email address?


1. The best way to prevent spam is to keep your email address as private as possible. We understand that this can be difficult when it's used for business purposes. Still, there are numerous steps you can take to limit your email address exposure to spammers while keeping it simple for customers to find.


2. Instead of putting your email directly on the page, use a fill-in form on your 'Contact Us' page for customers to reach you.


3. In marketing materials, direct customers to your website to contact you instead of using your email address directly on the marketing piece.


4. Do NOT forward internet jokes and stories. These emails are specifically designed to collect your email address and anyone elses' it was forwarded to. This could then lead to your email address being sold and ending up on an email spam list.


5. Be extra cautious about what websites you register your email address with - think of it as your home address. If you're ever unsure, use a separate email (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to register on sites that might send a lot of spam.


6. Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date. Advanced malicious software, also known as malware, can grab your password and then use it to access all of your contacts.


7. Follow the golden rule of email: if you receive an unexpected email from someone you do not know, delete it. This can be difficult to do as a business, but most legitimate mail can be spotted by reading the email subject.

I'm still receieving spam even though I have my 'Spam Filter Setting' at the most aggressive. Is there anything I can do?


1. In most cases, excessive spam is due to email addresses being grabbed from web site pages, infected computers, or addresses that have been registered on illegitimate web sites. If you feel that you need even more aggressive mail filtering or more granular control of spam settings, we suggest using a 3rd party mail host or filtering service that specializes in controlling spam.