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Spam Filter Settings

To check your spam filter settings, log into with your NexCite email address and password associated with that account. 

Select Spam from the menu on the left. Then select Spam Filter Settings at the top:



You'll see two settings in this interface - Spam Detection Level and Action.

Spam Detection Level


All emails coming through the Passport Online mail servers receive a score based on a complex series of attributes. Examples of attributes given a high score would be an email containing several words in all CAPS, a series of exclamation points, phrases like “Buy Now,” or even specific words like Viagra. The server then adds these together, and the higher the accumulative score, the more likely that the email is spam. Your mailbox settings can tell the server whether or not to send these messages to your inbox or place them in the ‘Spam Quarantine.’


By default, the spam filter setting is set to “lenient,” so legitimate email is less likely to be put in quarantine. This does not mean legitimate mail will never get caught in the spam quarantine.


You can set the ‘Spam Filter Level’ to five different settings ranging from ‘Lenient’ to ‘Aggressive,’ with 10 being the most lenient and 1 being the most aggressive. We recommend the filter level be set somewhere in the middle. If you think you need to adjust your spam filter level, try moving it one level and then monitor your spam quarantine over the next few days.

Spam Filter Actions


Action determines what happens with emails recognized as spam.



  • DISABLED: Changes the 'Current Settings' to the 'No Spam Handling' mode. It will turn off the Passport Online spam filter entirely.
  • Place spam in Spam folder: Places messages determined to be spam by the Spam Detection Level setting into the 'Spam Quarantine.'
  • Place spam in Spam folder and inform sender: Emails at or above detection level score will be placed in Quarantine, and the sender will be sent an email that looks like the one below

The recipient can click on the link and will be taken to a site that allows them to confirm they are a trusted sender


After correctly entering the verification code, they will receive this message: "Message released and sender whitelisted for future emails."

Note: Inform Sender does not work for newsletters or mass emailing systems. Most of those are from "do-not-reply" addresses. You will have to allow those addresses manually.


Place Spam in INBOX and mark subject: This adds "Spam*****" to the subject line of the incoming message to alert you that the email went above the 'Spam Detection Level' you've selected. Please note that this does not quarantine any messages in our system and only warns you that the message could be spam. 

(For Outlook users: This setting can be used in conjunction with a rule to look for the "Spam***" reference.) Some 3rd party anti-spam client software systems can automatically identify the items marked with "Spam" in the subject and place them in your LOCAL spam quarantines.