NexCite Email

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Thunderbird Mail Configuration

  1. Start Thunderbird
  2. Select Account Settings from the top right of Thunderbird:

  3. Select Account Actions and Add Mail Account…:

  4. Enter in the information for your NexCite email (your name, email address, and email password) and select Configure Manually:

  5. Additional fields will display at the bottom of the pop-up. Enter the following:
      Incoming Outgoing
    Protocol: POP3 SMTP
    Port: 995 465
    Authentication: Autodetect Autodetect
    Username your full Nexcite email your full Nexcite email


  6. Select Advanced Config and OK:


  7. Adjust Server Settings to leave messages on server for 7 days only (uncheck “Until I delete them”):


  8. You’re now all set! The settings tab can be exited.