NexCite Email

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Thunderbird Mail Configuration

  1. Start Thunderbird
  2. Select the email option beneath "create a new account:"

  3. Select Skip this and use my existing email:

  4. Enter in the following information and select Continue:
    1. Your name: your name as you would like it to appear when you send emails
    2. Email address: your full NexCite email address
    3. Password: the password associated with your NexCite email address
  5. Enter the remaining account settings as follows and select Re-test:
      1. POP3
      2. Server hostname:
      3. Port: 995
      4. SSL/TLS: SSL/TLS
      1. Server hostname:
      2. Port: 465
      3. SSL/TLS: SSL/TLS
      4. Username: your full NexCite email address (should show for both incoming and outgoing)
  6. ​​After re-testing the account, the Done button will become actionable.  Select Done.